La Vigna Estate Winery is located in the Glacial Edge Area. Our location is quite unique within this region with glaciated soils that are deep, well-drained and have a low water-holding capacity.  With a southern aspect that overlooks a large body of water, moderating the high and low temperatures, La Vigna shares important characteristics with other fabled wine regions similar to Burgundy, France.

Our Soils

La Vigna soilsSoil composition of a vineyard is one of the most important viticultural considerations when planting grapevines.

Vines are somewhat choosy about their soils. Our combination of lack of nitrogen, strong drainage and ground rock flours may be “bad” for growing almost anything else, but it is “good” for the vine.

Poor Nitrogen Content: In our soils, there is a lack of nitrogen, making vines work harder to send other nutrients to the grapes and spending less energy on the foliage.

Excellent Drainage: Grape vines don’t do well with wet roots. Sandy/rocky soils drain water further into the earth. Roots dig deep to find it, working harder still.

Ancient Ice: The vineyard was created by glacial erosion, which supplies good mineral nutrition to the vines via ground rock flours.

Our Climate

La Vigna - Ohio River ValleySituated high above the Ohio River, La Vigna lays claim to the moderating influence of a large body of water. Winds blow across the cool waters of the Ohio River and travel directly up a natural chute to the vineyard. This breezeway makes the vineyard unique and enhances the quality of fruit as the winds cool the grapes on hot summer days. Proximity to the Ohio River is definitely a plus for this site. The water, leveling out temperature highs and lows, moderates temperatures. With winds from the southwest, the site has a 185+ day frost-free growing season.


Our Plantings


Lyre Training SystemLyre Training System

A large number of experiments and evaluations in several wine regions over many vintages have shown that the Lyre Training System improves grape maturity and quality. The wines have better balance, richness and color. Varietal wine characters are enhanced by increasing the fruity aromas of the grapes.


Vineyard Spacing and Orientation:

12×6 spacing, split canopy, True North/South Rows

Glacial Edge Block:

2 acres; 60% Petit Manseng, 40% Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon

Petit Manseng Clone 1 on 101-14 Rootstock

Cabernet Franc Clone 332 on 3309 Rootstock

Cabernet Franc Clone 312 on 3309 Rootstock

Cabernet Sauvignon 337 on 3309 Rootstock

Northern Block:

1 acre; 100 % Albarino (new plantings)